Leonardo DiCaprio considers Martin Scorsese’s new film a masterpiece


Leonardo DiCaprio called Martin Scorsese’s new film “Killers of the Moonflower” a masterpiece, in which he played one of the main roles.


DiCaprio stars with Robert De Niro in the film, which details the real-life murders of the Osage Native American population in 1920s Oklahoma, where oil deposits were discovered.

Jacqueline West, the film’s costume designer, who also worked with DiCaprio on The Legend of Hugh Glass, recently recalled a conversation she had with the actor about Scorsese’s new film. In one of the interviews, West said:

I talked about it with Leo. We had lunch before I came here. He said, “Jackie, I think we’ve worked on a masterpiece.” I guess it means something when Leo says that. He does not say this lightly. He has been in business since childhood.

The budget of “Killers of the Moonflower” is more than 200 million dollars, making it the most expensive project of Scorsese to date. The tape will be released on the Apple TV+ streaming platform.

De Niro plays influential rancher William Hale, and DiCaprio plays his nephew Ernest Burkhart. Other cast members include Lily Gladstone, Brendan Fraser and Jesse Plemons. The film also starred many famous musicians, including Jack White and Jason Isbell.

The film is based on David Grenn’s crime thriller of the same name. Paramount signed on for the film after rights to the original book brought in $5 million in 2016. The official release date of the film has not yet been announced by Apple. Production began at the end of April 2021, but the release was delayed several times.

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