The authorities of Prague will provide humanitarian aid to Kyiv hospitals


A meeting with representatives of the city authorities of the capital of the Czech Republic took place at the KMDA.

The city government of Prague will transfer humanitarian aid in the amount of 15 million Czech crowns (over 25 million hryvnias at the rate of the National Bank of Ukraine) to Kyiv hospitals.

About this reported on your Facebook page Mykola Povoroznyk, First Deputy Chairman of the KMDA.

“Today, in the conditions of martial law, we have another challenge for the medical field of Kyiv. Our doctors work and provide assistance to the residents of the city, as well as wounded fighters returning from the front. Help is extremely relevant for the capital’s health care facilities, and we are grateful to our friends and partners for their willingness to provide it,” Mykola Povoroznyk emphasized.

He separately noted the support that the Czech Republic provides to Ukraine and Kyiv in particular.

“It is nice that the Czech Republic supports Ukraine. We felt it ourselves. I am convinced that the words spoken by the mayor of the city: “we are with you and will be there for as long as necessary” are not just words. This is a strong position of our Czech friends and all of us, Ukrainians, are grateful for it,” Mykola Povoroznyk emphasized.

During the meeting with representatives of the city authorities of Prague, they also discussed the possibilities of providing assistance in the field of development of Kyiv’s transport system, in particular its adaptation to the conditions of martial law.

The Czech Republic has been showing constant support and assistance to Ukraine and Kyiv since the first days of Russia’s large-scale aggression.

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