The child is in the hospital, and the people will be resettled: what is known about the Russian attack on the high-rise building in Ukrainka


The facade of the damaged part of the building is being dismantled, after which major repairs should begin.

In the city of Ukrainka, Kyiv region, the consequences of Russian shelling have been eliminated. As a result of the attack, two apartments in a high-rise building were destroyed, and a 13-year-old child was also injured. The details of this attack were told Iryna Pryanishnikova, spokeswoman for the Kyiv Oblast Police.

At approximately 5:05 a.m., residents of the building called the police and reported that a large fire had started on the 5th and 6th floors.

“A woman born in 1990 called and said she woke up after hearing explosions. Then she saw that a fire had started in her house,” said Iryna Pryanishnikova.

Iryna Pryanishnikova

When the law enforcement officers arrived at the scene, they immediately established that the fire was caused by fragments of a Russian rocket. They were found in the epicenter of the explosion and next to a residential building.

The fire engulfed the fifth and sixth floors of the building and damaged two apartments. A 13-year-old girl was injured as a result of the destruction.

“In fact, half of the wall was demolished. As a result of the fact that a brick started falling, the child’s leg was crushed, her foot was crushed,” said the spokeswoman of the Kyiv region police.

Anastasiya Maggeramova, press secretary of “Okhmatdyt”. specified that the girl had an operation. Currently, she is in a satisfactory condition and is sleeping after surgery.

“The injury was of medium severity. The doctors did everything necessary. Nothing threatens the child’s life,” added Anastasia Maggeramova.

Anastasia Maggeramova

Law enforcement officers began an urgent evacuation of people from the house. One woman born in 1949 had to be removed from the premises. She was in a state of shock, so she couldn’t go out on her own.

The fire was extinguished at approximately 5:30. At that time, there was no threat to people’s lives or health.

“This is a fragment of a Russian missile. One of the next crimes of the Russian Federation against our people. But I want to emphasize that today there were also successful beatings in the Kyiv region,” emphasized Iryna Pryanishnikova.

Air defense forces managed to shoot down at least two missiles. Another Kh-101 missile was found by law enforcement officers in the Brovar district.

“X-101, very powerful, which, fortunately, was shot down. She fell in the forest. No one was hurt because there was no one around,” added Iryna Pryanishnikova.

Victoria Ruban, spokeswoman of the State Emergency Service in the Kyiv region confirmed to the publication that the work on liquidation of the consequences of the missile hit has been completed. The fire was completely extinguished. Seven units of equipment and 37 personnel of the State Emergency Service were involved in the work. Pyrotechnic units were also involved.

Victoria Ruban

Head of the regional military administration Ruslan Kravchenko reported that the residents of the building are being provided with all the necessary assistance. They are also solving the issue of providing them with temporary housing.

Ruslan Kravchenko

“I set the task of starting the dismantling of the facade of the damaged part of the building, conducting an instrumental survey, developing project and estimate documentation in the shortest possible time, and promptly starting the overhaul of the damaged apartments and the building,” — wrote he is on facebook.

The head of KOVA ordered to dismantle the facade of the damaged part of the building and start repairs. Photo: Ruslan Kravchenko

On the morning of April 28, the Russian Federation began another massive missile attack on Ukraine. The shelling was carried out from strategic aircraft. According to preliminary data, 11 cruise missiles were destroyed and two UAVs were shot down in the Kyiv airspace.

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