The developers announced the creation of the fastest drone in the world


The American company WaveAerospace has announced fundraising for the four-meter Huntress II drone, which will be able to reach speeds of up to 490 km/h (Mach 0.4).

According to the developers, Huntress II will be able to fly for up to two hours in any weather conditions, including sub-zero temperatures, strong winds and even storms. The drone will also be able to perform vertical take-off and landing. The carrying capacity will be 50 kilograms, the maximum flight height will be 6,000 meters.

“Huntress II flies like no other drone in existence. This is a new class of drones.” said WaveAerospace co-founder and CEO Mark Strauss. Huntress II will be able to be launched from the air or from the ground and is able to go from a cold start to takeoff in just 90 seconds.

As the journalists found out, despite the limited information about the UAV, the huge, four-meter Huntress II is already in demand. The first customers have placed their orders and plan to receive the Huntress II drone in late 2024.

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