The mayor of Kyiv appealed to the mayor of Berlin regarding the free treatment of severely wounded soldiers


Kyiv and Berlin could use the example of military hospitals to develop future partnership and present it to the outside world.

The mayor of Kyiv thanked the mayor of Berlin for his support during the days of defense and all the difficult months of the war. As writes “Politico”, Kai Wegner took over as the head of Berlin 13 days ago. So Vitaliy Klitschko advocated “intensification of friendly relations between the two capitals in the direction of brotherhood.”

The mayor of the capital of Ukraine would welcome steps aimed at uniting Kyiv with Berlin. After all, the twinning between Berlin and Moscow, which began in 1991, was suspended due to Russia’s aggression against Ukraine.

Klitschko mentioned the hospital where more than 60 Ukrainian soldiers were treated since 2014.

Wegner, the publication notes, is from the center-right Christian Democrats, and he could play a key role in securing the funding, as the regional government of Berlin is the competent highest state authority to implement the relevant Social Code. Therefore, the mayor of Berlin could solve the problem in the shortest possible time.

“About 250-500 Ukrainian servicemen will need treatment for lost limbs every month. At least some of these patients could be helped — but unfortunately, there is currently no reimbursement available in your city. We are not always sure that Germany will cover the costs of treatment for our military personnel who come to Germany for treatment of the effects of complex military injuries. We need… a pragmatic and safe clarification of funding by Berlin and Germany,” says Vitali Klitschko’s letter to the newly elected mayor of Berlin, Kai Wegner, writes the international publication “Politico”.

The mayor of Kyiv also noted that he would be very happy if Kyiv and Berlin could use the example of military hospitals to “develop future partnership and present it to the outside world.”

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