Spring irrigation in Kyiv and the region: the current situation


There is currently no information about the flooding of infrastructure facilities in Kyiv.

According to Roman Tkachuk, Director of the Department of Municipal Security of the KMDAthe infrastructure of the capital was not affected by spring flooding on the Dnieper.

Roman Tkachuk. Photo: Oleksiy Samsonov

“Today, we do not have emergency flooding in the city of Kyiv. There is flooding of floodplains. These territories are flooded almost every year during spring water rises in the Dnieper. According to the information of the Ukrhydrometeorological center, we will expect the peak of the spring flood somewhere on April 22,” said Roman Tkachuk on the air of the Kyiv TV channel today, April 17.

Referring to the data of the Ukrainian Hydrometeorological Center, Tkachuk said that this year’s spring water rose by 0.5-1 meter compared to previous years.

“The islands in the Muromets Park, Hydropark, Trukhaniv Island, Galerna Zatoka, Korchuvate, and private plots in the Osokorki district are now flooded,” Tkachuk said.

According to the KMDA, Kyiv rescuers and forecasters constantly monitor the level of the Dnipro. According to the Ukrhydrometeorological center, as of 12:00 on April 17, the water level in the Dnipro is 9,359 cm (critical level — 9,415 cm) according to the Baltic system of heights.

“There are still 50-60 cm left before the critical water level. We understand that the water can reach this level, so we are conducting additional training for civil defense forces, rescuers and all services that can be involved in providing assistance to residents,” said Roman Tkachuk.

If the consequences of the flood caused damage to property or other damage to enterprises, then these cases will be considered within the framework of the work of district commissions for technological and environmental safety and emergency situations.

Mayor of the capital Vitaliy Klitschko said that residential areas with multi-apartment buildings and industrial facilities are not threatened by water harvesting. According to him, water harvesting will affect private and garden-cottage buildings in the Holosiiv, Darnytsky, Desnyan and Dnipro districts. Namely: on summer cottages Voskresenski Sady, Rusanivski Sady, Osokorka, Poznyaki, Vyshenka, summer cottages in the area of ​​the Southern Bridge, as well as the Bay of Berkovshchyna.

Rescuers and housing and communal services of Kyiv have an algorithm of joint actions, prepared equipment, in particular, watercraft for work in flood conditions and flooding caused by it. Rescue services are in constant contact with the Ukrainian Hydrometeorological Center, which analyzes the development of the hydrometeorological situation in the Dnipro basin.

Transport connections to 30 settlements were disrupted on the roads: up to 29 in Chernihiv Oblast and up to 1 in Kyiv Oblast.

According to the State Emergency Service in Kyiv region, the situation is as follows: in the village of Pogreby, Brovar district 10 homesteads remain flooded, residential buildings are not flooded. Six people were transported from the flooding area.

IN Ivankiv urban-type settlement of Vyshgorod district there is no rise in the water level on the Teteriv River, work is being carried out to restore the passage across the Teteriv River by the forces of local authorities.

There is a rise in the water level on the Desna River (+12 cm per day) in populated areas Litka village and Rozhny village of Brovar district.

According to the Hydrometeorological Center, there is a seasonal rise in the water level in the Vyt, Dnipro, Desna, Seim, Sozh, Pripyat, Horyn and Zahidny Bug rivers in the territories of the Volyn, Dnipropetrovsk, Zhytomyr, Kyiv, Rivne, Poltava, Cherkasy and Chernihiv regions.

The State Emergency Service of Ukraine says that the hydrological situation is currently under control. There is a tendency to decrease the rate of water level rise in the rivers in the north of the country, in particular the Desna.

According to the Ukrainian Hydrometeorological Center, the hydrological situation in the Kyiv region has changed over the weekend. If on Friday the 3rd level of danger was set for the Kyiv region, then as of now it is the 2nd level of danger, which can be seen on the maps.

In Ukraine, as of now, 852 households remain flooded: Chernihivska — 474, Cherkasy — 182, Dnipropetrovsk — 79, Poltava — 107, and Kyiv — 10 and 111 houses — Dnipropetrovsk — 38, Cherkasy — 42, Chernihiv — 29, and Poltava — 2, with 38 of them are country houses.

As of April 17, hydropower companies continue to skip spring irrigation according to a balanced schedule.

It will be recalled that an increase in the water level in the Dnipro, Desna, Seim, Pripyat, Horyn and Zahidny Bug rivers is currently recorded in the territories of the Volyn, Kyiv, Rivne, Cherkasy and Chernihiv regions.

In order to regulate water levels and avoid flooding, on April 17, hydroelectric power plants on the Dnieper and Dniester rivers continue to carry out controlled discharges in compliance with safety standards in accordance with the instructions of the Interdepartmental Commission on Coordination of Reservoir Operation Modes at the State Water Resources Agency of Ukraine.

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