The power industry restored generation to the same extent as before the Russian missile attack


In all regions, except Odesa region, the electricity situation has stabilized.

During the attack of the Russian Federation, the power workers preemptively turned off the lights to avoid even greater damage and fires. After all, substations, transformers, networks are one of the main targets of Russian terrorists.

Therefore, after the anti-aircraft defense destroyed 47 of 55 missiles that were aimed at Ukraine by the enemy, the energy experts reported their news.

“They withstood another shelling. There is destruction of the energy infrastructure at least in the Kyiv region and Dnipropetrovsk region. But the colleagues managed to restore the electricity supply. Even more, after lunch they returned to stabilization schedules in Kyiv and Dnipropetrovsk region,” he wrote Serhiy Kovalenko, director of YASNO.

As of January 27, the limit for Kyiv is 991 MW during the day and 663 at night.

Everyone continues to work for restoration and for more light in every home.

Kyiv residents can find out about the schedule of stabilization shutdowns at a specific address at link. Residents of the region can check information about current outages here.

NEC “Ukrenergo” reported that it was a really difficult day. The attack by drones continued throughout the night, during the day the enemy fired rockets at the energy infrastructure. Ukrainians lost 12 citizens, there are also dead and wounded among energy workers.

“Currently, we have already stabilized the situation in the power system. The biggest problems remain only in the Odesa region. The critical infrastructure has been restored there, we are starting to restore consumers together with Oblenergo,” he said head of NEC “Ukrenergo” Volodymyr Kudrytskyi.

In other regions of the country, the situation has already stabilized, they switched to shutdowns according to schedules, he said on the air of the Yedyny Novyny telethon about the consequences of another massive attack by the enemy on the energy system of Ukraine.

The head of “Ukrenergo” clarified that there is a hit in the electricity transmission network in the Odesa region, so the situation there is the most difficult.

In other regions, the situation with electricity has been stabilized, he added. In particular, in Kyiv and the Kyiv region, the lights are already being turned off according to the planned schedules.

“This despite the fact that today there was quite a lot of shelling — several Ukrenergo facilities and several main substations were damaged. But we managed to stabilize the situation quite quickly,” added Kudrytskyi.

He specified that as of the evening it was possible to return the amount of electricity generation that was before the attack. At the same time, Kudrytskyi added that there is a “significant deficit” in the energy system due to the Russian attacks.

“We urge Ukrainians to be economical with energy resources. We continue to restore the energy infrastructure. In particular, the operation of power stations,” said the head of Ukrenergo.

As for imports, Kudrytskyi emphasized that they provide an opportunity to cover only a small deficit.

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