The rules for the stay of Ukrainian refugees will change in Poland


The Polish Sejm voted for changes to the law on assistance to Ukrainian refugees: the changes will affect paid accommodation in refugee centers and cancellation of status.

The order of residence in 2023

From March 2023, accommodation in collective facilities will be free only for 120 days from the date of first arrival in Poland. Such establishments include camps, halls, boarding houses, dormitories, recreation centers. Next, you will need to partially pay for your accommodation in the following institutions:

  • from March 2023 – 50% of living expenses (no more than 40 zlotys per day – up to 330 hryvnias);
  • from May 2023 – 75% of living expenses (no more than PLN 60 per day – up to UAH 500).

However, there are a number of exceptions – vulnerable categories of refugees will continue to be able to live for free:

  • people with disabilities and their caregivers;
  • children;
  • persons of retirement age;
  • pregnant women;
  • those who raise a child under the age of 12 months;
  • those who care for three or more children;
  • persons who are in a difficult life situation.

Changes in border crossing rules

It is reported that the changes will also affect the rules of registration of Ukrainians in Poland – within 30 days after arrival, refugees will have to submit an application for a PESEL number, which confirms the granting of temporary protection. Now it can be done within 90 days of arrival.

Control of the payment system will also be strengthened. If a Ukrainian with the status of temporary protection leaves Poland for more than 30 days in one trip, he will lose his status and right to benefits.

According to information

We will also remind you that starting January 1, 2023 in Germany it will be increased amount of financial assistance, which Ukrainian refugees will receive on an equal basis with Germans. In connection with inflation, the amount of payments is planned to increase by €53.

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