The State Department postponed sanctions against Wagner’s group in Africa


The US State Department has reportedly postponed the introduction of new sanctions against the activities of the Wagner group in Africa.

About this writes the Wall Street Journal.

The State Department previously intended to announce new sanctions against the mercenary group for its gold mining activities in Africa, according to an unnamed official who spoke to the WSJ.

Wagner’s group is said to have numerous troops stationed in various African countries, including the Central African Republic, where it has stepped up mining operations in recent years.

Profits from mining in Africa are likely being used to fund Russia’s illegal state activities and provide resources for Russia’s war against Ukraine, US officials have said.

“Washington doesn’t want to appear to be taking sides,” a person familiar with the plans told the WSJ.

On June 23, the leader of “Wagner” Yevgeny Prigozhin raised a mutiny after declaring that a missile attack on his mercenaries in Ukraine led to significant losses. However, the rebellion was short-lived and appears to have ended on the evening of June 24, when Prigozhin announced that his forces were withdrawing and returning to their military camps.

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