The Verkhovna Rada introduced exams for obtaining Ukrainian citizenship


The Verkhovna Rada adopted Government Law No. 7606, which provides for passing an exam on knowledge of the language, history and Constitution of Ukraine for obtaining citizenship. 281 deputies voted for this resolution, it is reported

In particular, the deputies supported the introduction of amendments to the Law “On the Citizenship of Ukraine” and “On Ensuring the Functioning of the Ukrainian Language as a State Language”, which provide for changes to the conditions for accepting the citizenship of Ukraine.

The law introduces a comprehensive exam on the basics of the Constitution and history as a condition for admission to Ukrainian citizenship. Thus citizenship can get:

  • persons who have outstanding services to Ukraine;
  • persons whose admission to Ukrainian citizenship is in the state interest;
  • persons who, in accordance with the procedure established by the legislation of Ukraine, perform military service under a contract in the Armed Forces, the State Special Transport Service or the National Guard.

“According to the law, persons of the specified categories must pass exams on the basics of the Constitution, the history of Ukraine, and the level of mastery of the state language within two years from the moment of acceptance to the citizenship of Ukraine. It is also established that non-fulfillment of the obligation to pass exams by the specified categories of persons is grounds for loss of Ukrainian citizenship.– it is stated in explanatory note.

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