Today, Ukraine is a country in which huge amounts of money should be invested: Boris Johnson


The former Prime Minister of Great Britain, Boris Johnson, during his big American tour, spoke at an event organized by the Atlantic Council. The main message of the British friend of Ukraine was a call to the allies to unite as soon as possible around the needs of our country in order to win the war against the Russian aggressor.

We talk about the main theses of Boris Johnson during his speech at the event of the American think tank Atlantic Council, which is a partner of the International Payments Association (ex-UAPS).

The meeting with Boris Johnson was attended by former US ambassador to Ukraine, diplomat and analyst John Herbst, who moderated the event, and Georgette Mosbacher, co-chair of the “Three Seas” program at the European Center of the Atlantic Council, who delivered a welcoming speech. Also, at the personal invitation of John Herbst, participants of the MPA and the head of the Association, Galina Hailo, joined the online and offline event.

TOP-12 quotes of Boris Johnson from the Atlantic Council meeting

Former British Prime Minister Boris Johnson in his welcoming speech thanked the United States for all the support it provides to Ukraine in the fight against the aggressor. He also noted the bravery of Ukrainian soldiers who are fighting the Russian invasion on the front lines, and the tenacity of the entire people of Ukraine, who are coping with the challenges of the war.

Without the support of the West, Putin would have captured Kyiv

The former British Prime Minister emphasized that Putin could have succeeded in capturing the capital of Ukraine during the invasion of the north of the country in February-March 2022, if not for the support of the United States.

Ukraine’s absence from NATO caused the worst war in Europe

Johnson also reflected on how, prior to Russia’s large-scale invasion in February 2022, there was no clear consensus among NATO allies about Ukraine’s membership – an ambiguity that Putin ultimately exploited.

We made a mistake by telling Ukraine that membership in NATO in the plans,” without offering any real security guarantees. Putin used this assurance of membership as a pretext for the invasion,” the politician said.

The ex-prime minister of Britain also sharply responded to the argument from the past that Ukrainian membership in NATO would provoke Russian aggression, calling it now clearly absurd». Johnson noted that Russian aggression unfolded despite NATO’s failure to accept Ukraine into the Alliance.

Ukraine’s absence from NATO caused the worst war in Europe in 80 years»– stated Johnson.

Now Putin has destroyed any objections against Ukraine’s membership. The ex-prime minister of Britain emphasized that as soon as the Ukrainians win the war, they should “start the process of joining both NATO and, of course, the EU».

The war in Ukraine is a defining moment of the 21st century. Its source is the indecision of the West

The war in Ukraine today is a key and defining moment of the first half of the 21st century. And the source of this catastrophe, which Ukrainians are experiencing today, is the indecision of the West back in 2014, when the Russian Federation occupied Crimea and invaded Donbas.

Johnson emphasized that every time Ukraine asked for increased support, the West was afraid to escalate and provoke Putin. But now it is clear that the aggressor does not need any actions provocations»to commit crimes.

About the horrors of the Russian occupation

After the large-scale invasion of the Russian Federation into Ukraine, the whole world saw the horrors left behind by the Russian army. Everyone opened their eyes to what Putin will do in Ukraine in case of victory, Johnson recalled.

If Putin won: what are the global consequences

If the Kremlin were to succeed in its 2022 invasion, it would prompt it to “increase its intimidation and threats to every country and region on the fringes of the Soviet empire,” Johnson explained. It would also send a signal to any autocrat that international borders can be “changed by force.”

The former British prime minister warned that China is still watching the invasion unfold: “It’s a dry run for Xi Jinping… China wants to see what happens next because it has its own agenda.”

Western spending to support Ukraine is not charity

If the Allies can arm Ukraine with what it needs to win the war quickly, they will save countless lives. But the West will also “remove the threat of aggression” in such countries and regions as Georgia, Moldova, the Baltic states and Eastern Europe.

Unless allies can help Ukraine win decisively, Putin will remain a threat to all of these regions, meaning Americans will continue to pay for generations to help defend Europe, explains the former British prime minister. Therefore, Boris Johnson does not consider the spending of Western countries to help Ukraine as charity, it is in the interests of the allies to end the war faster.

Ukraine must be given everything it needs for victory: tanks, planes, and funds

During his speech at the Atlantic Council event, Boris Johnson also urged to give Ukraine all the necessary means to win this war as soon as possible, including modern aircraft. The politician called on world leaders to resist resistance in their countries regarding the supply of increasingly advanced defense systems to Ukraine. He emphasized that if it is inevitable to give modern weapons to Ukrainians in any case, then let’s do it now».

Downing Street and the White House have so far ruled out sending fighter jets to Kyiv, despite calls from President Volodymyr Zelensky. However, the head of the British Ministry of Defense, Ben Wallace, has signaled that the UK may eventually agree. But there is allegedly another problem – the training of Ukrainian pilots.

Boris Johnson is convinced that Western fighters will not need much time to train Ukrainians. Because the Ukrainians have already proven that they are able to use NATO technologies effectively. Rejecting the skeptics’ thesis that it will be difficult for the Ukrainian military to quickly master Western weapons, the politician cited an example from the history of Britain’s struggle against Nazi aggression in World War II.

Bringing the aggressor to justice

In addition to arming Ukraine, allied countries should help bring Russia to justice for its war crimes, former British Prime Minister Boris Johnson said.

The politician called on Western countries to intensify aid to Ukraine, and also supported the idea of ​​creating a program to confiscate the assets of Russian oligarchs and transfer funds for Ukraine’s needs.

Ukraine’s victory is a chance for the growth of the global economy

The ex-prime minister of Great Britain emphasized that the victory of Ukraine in the war against the Russian Federation is not only a reduction of tension in the region and the threat of Russian aggression in other post-Soviet countries, but also a reduction of the risks of future economic losses.

Advanced weapons should not be located in safe Europe – they are needed on the front lines in Ukraine

Boris Johnson insists that advanced weapons should be where they are needed – on the front lines in Ukraine. They don’t have protect» regions of Europe where it is now more than safe.

The former British Prime Minister recalled that although the contribution of the United States is noble and huge, but so far it is only 5-6% of the annual defense budget of the United States and has helped to destroy approximately 20% (and some say 50%) of Putin’s military machine.

Why the Kremlin will not use nuclear weapons

Johnson is convinced that Putin will not use nuclear weapons because it would deprive the Russian Federation of support for China. And Putin will lose his last supporters all over the world – from India to Africa to Latin America. Moreover, by using nuclear weapons, Putin will frighten his own people.

Russians will face unprecedented economic consequences. Not to mention that a nuclear strike would not end the war, and the Ukrainians would probably still fight and win.

Johnson said Western leaders should not fall for Putin’s ruse that the war is between a nuclear-armed alliance and a nuclear-armed Russia.

The West should think more about Ukraine, and not about Putin

Johnson urged the event to “stop focusing on Putin and focus entirely on Ukraine” and what it needs to win.

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