The Anti-Corruption Center refuses to delegate its representative to the Anti-Corruption Council


On the official page of the Central Committee on social networks a post has been published regarding the refusal of the CPC to delegate its representative to the working group of the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine on the creation of the anti-corruption council of the ministry. The CPC explains its refusal by the high level of distrust in the current leadership of the ministry and the ignoring of past anti-corruption appeals and initiatives of the center on the part of the ministry:

“The Ministry of Defense is calling us to a working group to create a council. Sorry, but we have no confidence in the leadership of the ministry to go to work in a working group with unclear powers and purpose.

All the same, it was worth acting when we brought all the information and problems to the scandals. After all, before going public, we/journalists every time warned the authorities/Ministry of Defense IN ADVANCE: about the lack of logistical IT systems, and about corruption in procurement, and about Liev.

Try every time to solve the problem privately, Reznikov’s team ignored it. And every time, ONLY after a public scandal, she ran to correct what we pointed out BEFORE the scandal.

This is exactly what happened with IT logistics systems (Karavai and LOGFAS), which Reznikov refused to implement for three months, but rushed to do it immediately after the public scandal.

And it was through the launch of these systems that Ukraine secured immunity from manipulations about “stealing Western weapons.” Here we send our congratulations to everyone who said that the CPC does not understand the topic…

This is exactly what happened to Liev, who was forced to resign BEFORE the appearance of the “passport” (which neither we nor Yanina Sokolov distributed). By the way, Liev is not the only one in the Ministry of Defense…

It turned out even worse with corruption in the procurement of the Ministry of Defense. Even now, the minister denies the exorbitant prices and talks about “technical errors” in a separate contract. “Mistakes” were not only in the prices of eggs, but also in a dozen other items for a total amount of at least 4 billion UAH!

To understand, this is more than the Prytula fund collected for the whole of last year… And about 70% of what was collected by the Povrnys Zhivym fund.

One can deceive oneself that such “technical errors” were “made” by Reznikov’s team in only one purchase. But let us remind you that the relevant deputy minister and the head of the department were arrested for corruption in OTHER purchases, not food.

Therefore, a minister who does NOT solve obvious problems for months, but grabs at them immediately after they become public, is a problem. This shows that the minister is NOT interested in results, but in a beautiful picture. This modus operandi of Reznikov, unfortunately, makes the emergence of further scandals around the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine inevitable.

The Ministry of Defense decided to cover up its own fakes by creating a group with unclear powers. We will not participate in this farce, as we stated at the meeting with the minister on Saturday. And we do not advise our colleagues in the public sector either.”

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