Tsymbalyuk explained why the main roles in Ukrainian cinema went to Russians: We all thought that we failed as actors


According to the star of the series, Ukrainians were not even considered for the main roles.

Before the full-scale invasion of Russia into Ukraine, actors from the Russian Federation actively starred in Ukrainian cinema, while domestic talents were given secondary roles. Taras Tsymbalyuk said that there was a whole scheme of distribution of roles.

The actor shared that Ukrainians were not even considered for the main roles. They thought that it was due to “lack of talent”, but it turned out to be increasingly simple.

“We all thought that we failed as actors. There was some kind of inferiority complex. We didn’t understand that a mechanism was built when a Russian channel called the Ukrainian production company and said: “Film the series for us at your place, it’s cheaper at yours. Only one condition: this girl from Moscow will be in the main role. We did not know that such a structure existed. And we all come to tryouts – they take the Russians. And the point is that no one considered us for the main roles.” Tsimbalyuk said.

Taras also noted that most of the Russian actors who gained popularity in Ukraine were not needed by anyone in the aggressor country. However, after February 24, they supported the war against Ukraine.

“I was very surprised that things that are not needed there are brought here. They became stars here, and no one knows them there. It annoyed me. Slag that is not needed in Russia. This is how 80% of everything was done… Now Ukrainian actors have taken a very patriotic position. I hope it will not be like after 2014. We all filmed with them. I regret that. These are manifestations of low consciousness. On February 22, we were still shooting TV shows with Russians. After the 24th, everyone blocked me,” – commented the actor.

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