For the first time in history, artificial intelligence was able to fly a plane for 17 hours in a row, Kostyantyn Kryvopust


For the first time in history, artificial intelligence managed to control an airplane for 17 hours. AI became the pilot of Lockheed Martin’s unique training fighter called VISTA X-62A.

On board the VISTA X-62A is a combination of the VISTA Simulation System (VSS), Model Follow Algorithm (MFA) and Autonomous Simulation Control System (SACS). The end result is a jet that can fly autonomously and is also capable of mimicking the performance of other aircraft thanks to AI-powered onboard software.

“VISTA will allow us to parallel the development and testing of advanced artificial intelligence techniques with new unmanned vehicle designs, as well as provide fighter jets with tactical capabilities,” – said the director of the USA Test Pilot School, Christopher Cotting.

Flight tests of the AI ​​trainer are expected to resume after the current round of regular inspections and continue until the end of 2023.

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