Turkey Develops New Anka-3 Strike Drone


Turkish Aerospace Industries has released the first images of the newest attack drone Anka-3. The company claims that it is capable of opening a new milestone in the history of unmanned aviation. The drone will be characterized by a high flight speed and a large carrying capacity. Anka-3 will be powered by a jet engine. Thanks to its special design, the drone will be almost completely invisible to enemy radars.

During the adoption of the draft law on the budget for the next year, the Anka-3 drone was mentioned by Fuat Oktai, who holds the position of the vice president of the republic. According to the politician, Anka-3 is a new generation project. Its implementation will make it possible to raise the capabilities of drones to a higher level.

Turkish drone Anka-3 The promising drone will make its first flight next year. In the images released by TUSAS, the drone lacks vertical and horizontal stabilizers. The UAV has a V-shaped shape. The European drone nEUROn, the American X47B and the Russian “Hunter” have the same shape.

Demonstration model of the nEUROn drone, which is being developed by engineers of the French company Dassault Aviation
The take-off weight of the aircraft will be about 7,000 kg. Anka-3 will be equipped with a turbofan jet engine. The drone will receive internal and external combat modules.

At the beginning of the year, the multi-purpose UAV Anka spent more than 30 hours in the sky during a test flight. As a result, he managed to set a record for the time spent in the air.

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