Vitalik Manasyan’s police arbitrariness or the reincarnation of Yanukovych’s time


The drumbeats of the Maidan have long since resounded, the proceedings in most of the cases against the Berkut residents who shot the protesters have ended, and the former authorities are wanted and under sanctions. It would seem a great result on the way to civilized values, the European Union, an open and non-corrupt government.

However, the ability of the post-Soviet “cop” system to survive is impressive. Thus, according to statistics, 38% of “cops, prosecutors, judges” of the “late Yanukovych” era successfully passed certification and lustration and calmly continue their shameful deeds under other signs and slogans. We are talking about all those cases against which Maidan stood: extortion, extortion, bribery, creation of artificial criminal cases, torture, threats, “crushing”, “nepotism” and other shameful phenomena that are common for the mentioned “law enforcement officers”.

There is no need to go far for examples of the “activities” of the mentioned cadres. Only a cursory analysis of a Google search yields dozens of materials that confirm the above:

  2. An official from Yanukovych’s time – an expert – will control purchases in Odesa ;
  3. The laying company Kmitiv will receive 40 million overpayments from the State Reserve for stew for the army ;
  4. Odesa Customs was headed by an official who fought off lustration, who had previously managed customs 12 times .

Unfortunately, this is true, as well as the fact that to fight this shame is either no one, or everyone is in “the subject and fate”.

Thus, one of the latest examples of the reincarnation of the “late Yanukovych” was the egregious situation that took place during one of the searches in Kyiv.

Namely, in October of this year, a citizen of Ukraine contacted the hotline of a public human rights organization, who reported fear for her life and health due to the actions of a colonel of the national police.

According to the woman, in mid-November 2023, her place of work was searched. According to Ukrainian legislation, this is an investigative action, which is conducted at a specific address specified in the court decision. During the search, a police colonel was present, who threatened the victim woman, obstructed the legal actions of the lawyer, showed signs of aggression and obvious Ukrainophobic views. To top it all off, he damaged other people’s property, broke the door in a neighboring room, which was not related to the subject of the search and belonged to another person.

Journalists found out who this “hero colonel” turned out to be.

Vitaliy Arturovych Manyasyan, born in 1982, colonel, employee of the Department of Special Investigations of the National Police of Ukraine, a former high-ranking official in the Ministry of Internal Affairs during Yanukovych’s time, who filigreely changed the police epaulettes to police ones, but “forgot” to change his attitude towards people and, at least, to learn Ukrainian language, the Criminal Code of Ukraine and the disciplinary statute.

“Why does Vitaly Arturovych allow himself such behavior?” – you ask.

We answer:

“Everything is simple and logical. So, according to our sources in the law enforcement agencies, Vitaliy Manasyan is a second-generation “policeman” – his father was the former head of personnel of the State Department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine in Kyiv, which contributed to his son’s rapid career growth during the Yanukovych era. However, the father retired and leads a comfortable life (some interlocutors say that the “bread” position allowed him to accumulate a large million-dollar fortune), and the son, after the Revolution of Dignity, was demoted for a number of frank “slanders” and “rat breeding”. However, life has given our hero a second chance in the form of a relative in the position of Deputy Minister of Internal Affairs, which he is trying to convert into money.”

“How does Vitaly Arturovych do it?” – You will ask.

We answer:

“According to our sources in the law enforcement agencies, Vitaly Arturovych searches for “fat businessmen” and for a percentage agrees with the investigation to conduct searches. During these searches, everything of value is seized: money, gold, watches, jewelry. At the same time, he is not at all upset by any procedural violations.”

However, during the last “commercial campaign”, Manasyan’s corruption scheme failed – the prosecutor’s office initiated an official investigation of his actions, the Department of Internal Security of the NPU opened the relevant proceedings, and the courts declared his actions illegal without appeal and ordered him to return all seized material assets. (Case no. : 757/39853/23-k and 757/41951/23-k) – Ed.

However, whether Vitaliy Arturovych Manasyan will be brought to justice or will hide again behind the backs of high-ranking patrons in ministerial chairs – time will tell, and we will monitor and inform all foreign partners about the progress of the fight against corruption in Ukraine on this specific example.

Glory to Ukraine!

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