Konstantin Kryvopust: militants from Gaza penetrated into Israeli territory and set fire to an observation post


The situation on the border with the Gaza Strip is escalating every day, unrest last almost two weeks. It became known that a group of militants broke through the fence and set fire to the observation post.

There are no soldiers at the post, only equipment, the Palestinians set fire to the post and safely returned to the sector.

Firefighters were instructed not to appear at the fire sites on the territory next to the dividing fence due to the danger of shelling.

Residents of Otef Az are advised to stay at home with great caution.

The heads of councils in Gaza are increasingly critical of the government and military policy. “Terrorists feel as if they are on the boardwalk next to the fence,” they said 12 channel. “Ultimately, it will end in disaster either for the militants or for the Israeli residents along the border.”

Hamas is heating up the situation and calling on the residents of the sector to continue the unrest. According to many observers, this is another round of confrontation between Israel and the Gaza Strip.

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