What to read on winter evenings: 5 books for relaxation


A good book is always a good solution to relieve your head a little, to move to another reality to take a breather from your own, and also just to relax after a long day.

About interesting and noteworthy books, new and not so, reminds “UA2DAY“.

Exchange for Christmas

A romantic, slightly dramatic, but hilarious story of the Christmas adventures of twin sisters Charlie and Cass Goodwin. Charlie lives in Los Angeles and stars in the popular cooking show Sweet and Salty, while Cass runs the Woodburn Family Bakery in their small hometown of Starlight Peak. But it so happens that they are forced to take each other’s place just before Christmas, and this is where drastic changes begin for the lives of both women. A light and warm book that is able to really distract for a while and transfer to the atmosphere of worries that are solved by simple actions, conversations and sincerity.

My quiet Christmas

As many as 18 warm Christmas stories from Ukrainian authors await the readers of this book. Someone creates their own Christmas traditions, while someone recreates old and family ones. Different celebrations and different stories, waiting for a miracle and being grateful for what is. This is not the first Christmas anthology from VSL, but as always, it is apt and sincere.

“There are stories collected here, from which the realities of our current life can be clearly read, reminiscent of the biblical story: forced escape from one’s home, war. But at the same time, the spirit of a good holiday reigns here, which lifts the heart”, – the author of one of the stories, Ukrainian writer and journalist Lyudmila Taran, says about the book.

My grandmother asks her to forgive me

The story of the relationship between one granddaughter and an unusual grandmother, who created a whole fairy-tale world for the girl. And even when she is no longer around, she takes her beloved child with him. And not only her. There is also a touch of Christmas, a lot of emotion, unexpected twists in a purely Buckman style, and a much-needed sense of hope today. Backman, in his ironic way, discovers all the best that is in the people around him, and gives hints on how it is possible to see it.

The mystery of the drawn dragon

A great opportunity to immerse yourself in the London of the beginning of the last century, the world of exquisite art and high (and not so) society, heart-breaking adventures and detective mysteries. You will devour this book with your favorite tea and holiday treats, and you will definitely want more. Therefore, it is worth noting that this is the third book in the series “Secrets of the Sinclair Department Store”, a novelty from “Urbino”, which was released only in December. Yes, you can try to read it separately, but it will be more interesting together with the previous two – then you can enjoy the detective adventures and mysteries that Sophie Taylor solves with her brave friends for a longer time.

It’s time to light the stars again

It happens that life comes to a bit of a dead end, when it is definitely worth changing something so that the corner turns into an open path. It’s the same with Anna, bills, loans, constant work and lack of time for her beloved daughters. But there is an option, she took a risk and went on a journey with the girls, a journey that changed their lives. Together with the girls, you will travel through magical Norway, observe the Northern Lights and the formation of relationships between people around them, the relationship between mothers and daughters, the changes in their lives and the conclusions they can draw from them. Well, and not without a small romantic surprise.

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