Why bills don’t go down with constant blackouts: Yasno’s answer


Due to the constant shelling by the Russians of the energy infrastructure, the Ukrainians continue to turn off the lights, but the electricity bills have not changed significantly. There are only two factors that affect the amount in your account.

About this said in a message from Yasno.

What factors affect the amount in the payment

1. Regularity of testimony.

The company notes that a working meter cannot record kWh in the absence of electricity. Ago:

  • if you have been sending readings regularly, the distribution system operator can calculate the difference between your previous and current readings. The resulting amount is your actual consumption;
  • if you did not send a reading, the amount of electricity is determined by the average daily consumption. This calculation is based on readings that were recorded in past periods. Its amount may not meet expectations, even if, due to the power outage, the use of equipment and lighting in general decreased for the month.

2. Active use of electricity after restoration of supply (or “delayed consumption”).

“This is normal. But after the light returns, several powerful electrical appliances (for example, boiler, heater, washing machine) cannot be turned on at the same time. Because there will be a sharp jump in consumption,” say energy experts.

On the one hand, such a load can cause an accident, due to which residents will again be left without electricity. On the other hand, the amount of electricity saved during the shutdown can be compensated in this way.

“Thus, in the account, it turns out that the same amount of electricity was used as in the periods when blackouts were not applied,” Yasno concluded.


  • Petro Panteleev, the deputy head of the KMDA, noted that consumers receive considerable sums to pay in payments due to various circumstances. In most cases, the reasons are untimely transfer of meter readings or no transfer of indicators at all;
  • the executive director of DTEK, Dmytro Sakharuk, said that during peak hours, the deficit of electricity in Ukraine is up to 5 GW, at night – up to 3 GW. The ways that will make it possible to reduce this deficit are the restoration of generation and networks, the import of electricity and the release from occupation of generating enterprises;
  • according to the State Statistics Service, utility bills have risen in price in Ukraine. In December 2022 (compared to December 2021), its value increased by 6%. Housing maintenance and repair rose the most — by 24.6%.

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