Willem Dafoe will star for the third time with the director of the films “Mayak” and “Varyag”


According to Deadline, the actor will work again with director and screenwriter Robert Eggers. He will star in a new version of the classic vampire horror Nosferatu.

The original film “Nosferatu: Symphony of Horror”, let’s recall, was released in 1922. It was directed by the classic of German expressionism Friedrich Murnau under the influence of Bram Stoker’s novel “Dracula”, and the main role was played by Max Schreck. Interestingly, more than twenty years ago, Dafoe portrayed Max Schreck playing Nosferatu in a semi-documentary story about the shooting of Murnau’s film called Shadow of the Vampire and received an Oscar nomination for this incarnation.

Willem Dafoe joined the previously announced cast: Bill Skashgard (he will play the vampire Count Orlok), Lily-Rose Depp and Nicholas Galt. Considering the originality of Eggers’ previous works (read the reviews of the films “Mayak” and “Varyag”), we can say for sure that the new “Nosferatu” will not be a traditional frame-by-frame, but a very original remake.

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