In Kyiv, four people were hospitalized after visiting the “Honey” cafe


Previously, the cause of poisoning was chicken eggs.

In Kyiv, at least four people fell ill after visiting one of the local cafes in the Shevchenkiv district. Three of them were taken to the hospital. About this informs State Production and Consumer Service in the city of Kyiv.

The victims were diagnosed with an acute intestinal infection. Before that, they all ate at the “Honey” cafe at 20 Yaroslaviv Val Street.

“On January 25, 2023, four visitors to the said institution fell ill, including three hospitalized in the capital’s medical institution. All sick adults,” the State Production and Consumer Service noted.

The victims ordered dishes containing chicken eggs. Previously, they were the cause of the poisoning.

Head of the Main Department of the State Production and Consumer Service in Kyiv Oleg Ruban said that now the “Honey” cafe continues to work, because there are no direct reasons for its closure. Products that could cause poisoning were removed from the facility. This is all food related to chicken eggs.

Currently, an epidemiological investigation is underway, which is being conducted by the State Consumer Service together with the Kyiv City Center for Disease Control and Prevention. After its completion, the fate of the institution will be decided.

According to Oleg Ruban, the victims are now in a satisfactory condition. There were no new health complaints from other visitors.

The institution itself responded to the incident. On the Honey safe Instagram page
reported that, previously, visitors were poisoned by breakfast with poached eggs, benedict or shakshuka. That is, with “incomplete heat treatment” eggs,

The institution added that all the products they use are certified, including eggs. The cause of the poisoning is currently being established. Breakfast with poached eggs is currently not prepared. All products that could cause the deterioration of the well-being of visitors were removed.

“We independently called the sanitary-epidemiological service and checked all products and all employees. We are waiting for the official results of the studies to let you know. We contact people who have been poisoned and come to us to find out the details and help, and we keep in touch. We will come back with details and results,” they wrote on the institution’s page.

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