Xiaomi introduced the Xiaomi Host Mini mini computer


As part of the presentation of the new flagship line of Xiaomi 13 smartphones, Xiaomi presented many interesting gadgets. Among them, we can single out a new mini-computer in a convenient form factor that can easily be placed in the palm of your hand – the officially presented Xiaomi Host Mini.

The body of the device is made of metal, and the volume is only 0.44 liters. The dimensions of the mini-PC are as follows: 112 x 112 x 38 mm, weight – 470 g. The device is supplied both fully assembled and for self-assembly. In this case, RAM and non-volatile memory (SSD) are not included in the package.

The Xiaomi Host Mini mini-PC has the following characteristics: Intel i5-1240P central processor (12 cores and 16 threads), integrated Intel Iris Xe graphics, 16 GB DDR4 RAM, 512 GB SSD storage. The maximum amount of RAM is 32 GB, permanent memory is 4 TB.

Connectors are available for connecting peripherals: USB 3.2 Type-A x3, USB-C Thunderbolt 4×2, USB 2.0×1, HDMI 2.1×2, Ethernet 2.5G, Jack 3.5mm, as well as Wi-Fi 6 and Bluetooth adapters 5.3.

Xiaomi introduced the Xiaomi Host Mini mini computer

All the characteristics were presented in one official image:

The hardware of the Xiaomi Host Mini mini PC allows you to connect up to four monitors at the same time for comfortable work:

The mini PC comes with Windows 11 as a pre-installed operating system. However, for lovers of the alternative, full support for the Linux distribution – Ubuntu is declared. Xiaomi Host Mini has been fully tested on Ubuntu 22.04 LTS. Xiaomi also published images of a modern workplace using the company’s devices, based on the Xiaomi Host Mini mini PC:

Pricing and Availability

The Xiaomi Host Mini is available to order in China from December 11th for a starting price of ¥3,699 (~$300). The price will then increase to ¥3,999 (~$350).

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