Winners of the National Selection for Eurovision 2023 TVORCHI presented EP Heart of Steel


TVORCHI released a mini-album dedicated to the indomitability of Ukrainians.

In total, the EP has four powerful tracks, each of which contains the stories of modern Ukrainians. All songs are filled with personal experiences and emotions of the artists, acquired over the past 10 months.

The single of the same name, Heart of Steel, is about the heart of steel in the chest, hardened by trials, with which the artists won the final of the National Selection for Eurovision.

The song Broken Heart is a melancholic love story with a sample of the composition “Cranes flew in” arranged by the outstanding Ukrainian composer Mykola Leontovych.


The manifesto track FREEDOM is about freedom, with a message for all those who encroach on it. TVORCHI previously presented FREEDOM in a live version at their charity concerts in Ukraine and Europe, where every time this song lit a fire in the eyes and hearts of the audience.

The protest song “Enough” in the video with Alyona Alyona, which was performed live for the first time in December last year on the rapper’s solo album, has now acquired new relevant meanings.

“These tracks unite the experiences of all Ukrainians and, in particular, our own. Here it is about the steel hearts in our chests, about the desire for freedom, about love and about our insubordination. Different emotions, but so close to everyone. And, most importantly, not destructive, but optimistic – those that do not destroy, but give energy and hope. May this mini-album become a charge for each of us to live and create despite everything,” shared TVORCHI.

EP Heart of Steel is a prequel to TVORCHI’s fifth major album, which will be released in 2023. In the future LP, the artists announce a large number of musical layers and a rich sound.

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