The Ministry of Health created a chatbot “Calendar of healthy Ukrainians”


Russia’s full-scale aggression against Ukraine brought a lot of suffering and trials, but war is not a reason to put health on the back burner. Taking care of your health is a contribution to our future and one of the best investments in victory.

To show that prevention is not only important, but also simple and affordable, the chatbot “Calendar of Healthy Ukrainians” was created.

The task of the chatbot is to raise awareness of the possibilities of free diagnosis and treatment, the list of medical services financed from the state budget, and the rights of patients in general. The service will tell you which studies and at what age should be done, which of them are free and how to get them.

The chatbot is available in Telegram and Viber messengers. It consists of sections: introduction, systems under control, vaccination according to the calendar and without, where to undergo examination, personal recommendations. The chatbot can give individual advice on how to improve health, what to pay attention to, show the nearest medical facility to the user, which provides the necessary services, conducts diagnostics and laboratory tests.

The service is built on the basis of the recommendations of the WHO, the Center for Public Health of the Ministry of Health of Ukraine and family doctors and uses the current data of the National Health Service on the places where medical services are provided.

“It is important that this service contains not only useful information about vaccinations, but also detailed but easy-to-understand explanations of where vaccinations can be given and what dangers they protect against,” said Oleksandr Zaika, head of the Department of Immunization at the Center for Public Health Ministry of Health, which also participated in the presentation of the service. — If you have the opportunity to get vaccinated, do it. The health and life of not only you, but also your loved ones depends on this.”

Link to the “Calendar of healthy Ukrainians” chatbot:

The project is implemented by the NGO “Lyky Kontrol” with the financial support of the international foundation “Renaissance”. Information partners of the project: the Ministry of Digital Transformation of Ukraine, the Ministry of Health of Ukraine, the National Health Service of Ukraine and the Public Health Center of the Ministry of Health of Ukraine.

Reference: “Liki Kontrol” creates and implements electronic services that inform patients at every step about the possibility of treatment really free of charge. Liky Kontrol electronic services are based on official state data.

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