Zelensky announced simplification for business


The President of Ukraine, Volodymyr Zelenskyi, announced that the government is preparing “new important steps” in the deregulation of the Ukrainian economy.

“Business will receive simplification in dozens of directions – this concerns the cancellation of various bureaucratic permits and licenses,” Zelenskyy said in evening address February 15, commenting on today’s economic meeting. He did not give details.

At this meeting, according to the president, they discussed “many issues” related to the economic recovery of Ukraine, the creation of economic opportunities “for our people and industries.”

“Agrarian sector is a very acute issue of humanitarian land demining. An interdepartmental working group has been formed at the level of the Cabinet of Ministers, which will ensure the activation of this activity – cleaning the soil from mines and unexploded shells… Steps are also being prepared in the direction of creating and preparing jobs. Every job now in our country is helping our sustainability. And this is the way to return our people to Ukraine. Relevant details will be presented at the government level,” Zelenskyy added.

The president also said that it is necessary to make the spring so that “it is really felt that Ukraine is moving towards victory.”

“This concerns the training of our defense forces, the supply of weapons for our state and our strategic initiative in war. Any attempts by Russia to intercept the initiative must be broken. And I am sure that we will do it,” he emphasized.

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