“A person found himself in everything”: the brother of OP Smirnov’s deputy chairman bought real estate in 2022, — UP


During the war, Ihor Smirnov managed to buy luxury apartments in Lviv, a plot of land in the Carpathians, a parking space in Kyiv, Volkswagen and BMW cars, claims journalist Mykhailo Tkach. The official Andriy Smirnov says that his relative was “turning around and grasping for any business” until 2021.

Mykhailo Tkach, journalist of “Ukrainian Pravda”. presented investigation into the purchase of elite real estate by relatives of top officials. Tkach’s attention was drawn to the family of the deputy head of the Office of the President of Ukraine Andrii Smirnov.

“Andrii Smirnov’s brother, Igor Smirnov, last year bought apartments in an elite new building in Lviv, a plot of land in the Carpathians, a parking space in Kyiv, a Volkswagen Multivan, a BMW, and a motorcycle. According to official documents, the apartment, plot and parking space were purchased at a discount of 80-90%. And according to his brother, he borrowed the money,” the author of the investigation claims.

On May 19, 2022, Ihor Smirnov bought a parking space in Kyiv, judging by the footage, it is located near new buildings near the Livoberezhna metro station. The market value of the object is about 20,000 dollars, the article says.

The publication’s sources in the law enforcement agencies showed a document confirming the purchase of a parking space for 60,000 hryvnias (approximately 2,000 dollars at the NBU exchange rate in May — editor’s note).

Ihor Smirnov bought a parking space in Kyiv last May, journalists note

Buying an apartment in Lviv is 6 times cheaper than the market price

“Brother Smirnov’s next holiday is July 1, 2022. Purchase of an apartment in Lviv in the elite new building Avalon 37 with an area of ​​100 square meters. m,” says Tkach.

The purchase and sale agreement indicates the price of the object at 1.16 million hryvnias, and the market value of the apartments is about 6 million hryvnias.

Ihor Smirnov gave the following explanation: “How did you get the idea that this is a premium segment (apartments)?” have you been there This is an ordinary apartment, but I went there and bought it. The apartment is small — an ordinary three-room apartment.”

Tkach asked a clarifying question about the possible underestimation of the price of the apartment from 6 to 1.16 million hryvnias.

avalon 37, games of Smirnov Lviv, apartment of Smirnov Lviv
An apartment in the elite new building Avalon 37 with an area of ​​1200 square meters. m costs about 6 million hryvnias

“I took this apartment by prior arrangement. At the price that suits both parties. We were satisfied with the price – we bought it. Don’t compare prices either, the prices are different everywhere. And you can also write on the fence there,” commented the brother of the OP’s deputy chairman.

The publication links the Avalon group with the deputy of the Lviv Regional Council Hryhoriy Kozlovsky, who in 2021 denied connections with the specified company.

On this occasion, Andrii Smirnov stated that his brother borrowed money to buy an apartment.

“I saw Kozlovsky several times in my life, 1 time in Kyiv, 2nd time in Lviv. I have no joint business with him, nothing,” the official explained.

Other purchases by Ihor Smirnov

The third real estate object, bought by Smirnov’s brother in September of last year, was a 10-acre plot of land in the village of Polyana, Zakarpattia region. According to the found sales contract, Smirnov bought it for 10.6 thousand hryvnias. The market price of 1 acre in this village reaches 3,000 dollars, the investigator emphasized.

a plot in the Carpathians, the village of Polyana, a plot of games in Smyrna
A plot of land in the village of Polyana, according to the UP, cost Igor Smirnov 10.6 thousand hryvnias

“Ihor Smirnov completed his shopping trip by bringing to Ukraine a 2021 Volkswagen Transporter, the market value of which is $80,000, and a BMW – from $30,000. Smirnov’s brother took a motorcycle, the sample price of which is $15,000,” says Tkach.

The road to success: what does Igor Smirnov do?

The deputy head of the OP stated that his brother was engaged in “literally everything possible” until 2021.

“It was not officially registered. A person could find himself in everything. His wife seems to be a FOP. The other day, she asked me if she should open a FOP, because she wants to open a car wash and service station in the future,” commented Andriy Smirnov.

From May 2021, Ihor Smirnov got a job as a security adviser at the Agrarian Fund. Andriy Smirnov admitted that he knew from whom his brother had borrowed money.

“I gave him part of the money for certain purchases. He is trying to structure and build his story,” said the top official.

In a conversation with a journalist, Ihor Smirnov called himself “an adult and self-sufficient person.”

“I am engaged in the resale of cars, I am sometimes asked to buy or sell a car to someone. I often go to the car market, there are many acquaintances at the service station to repair something for someone,” commented a relative of the official.

We will remind that on February 7, Prosecutor General Andriy Kostin opened proceedings on the fact of possible illegal enrichment of the People’s Deputy from the “Servant of the People” Pavlo Halimon. Journalists found the politician’s estate in the Pechersk district of Kyiv.

The head of the National Agency for the Prevention of Corruption, Oleksandr Novikov, stated in December 2022 that Andriy Smirnov did not give the President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky draft decrees on the introduction of sanctions against Russia.

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