A well-known military journalist announced a collection for the production of remote antennas for the Armed Forces


Yes, on his page in the social network, a well-known journalist Yuriy Butusov made a call to raise funds for the production of remote antennas, which will significantly improve the quality of reconnaissance and bring our Victory closer.

Editorial team “UA2DAY” gladly joins the gathering.

Next, in the original language:

“Friends, I propose to raise funds for the production of remote antennas for controlling quadcopters at the front for the safety and effective actions of our aerial scouts.

The antennas are produced by a group of volunteers together with aerial scout of the 72nd mechanized brigade Ihor Lutsenko. The antenna improves the performance of Mavik-type quadcopters and allows operators to operate safely from cover without being in the open. At this moment, volunteers have already made 27 such antennas, they are actively used at the front. But the needs are much greater.

Since the Ministry of Defense does not engage in “wedding Mavics”, and they perform 90% of all intelligence work, I consider financing the purchase of Mavics and control antennas to be a priority task of a civil society that strives for victory.

Join the collection to buy components for the production of dozens of antennas, you need to collect 3 million hryvnias. Let antennas take risks, not drone operators.

Details of the fund here: https://m.censor.net/ua/yuriy_butusov_fund” “, – Yuriy Butusov

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