Art that heals: landscapes and people of peaceful Ukraine are displayed in the capital’s gallery


The exposition presents the works of famous artists of several generations from the middle of the last century to our time.

A collective exhibition of painting and graphics “Myrnopillya”, dedicated to our beautiful and peaceful land and its people, is ongoing in the “AVS-art” art gallery.

The exposition presents the works of artists from different parts of Ukraine, from 1950 to the present day, in particular: Serhii Shyshko, Maria Prymachenko, Viktor Zaretskyi, Ernest Kontratovych, Roman Selskyi, Serhii Gnoivoy, Jadwiga Matsiyevska, Leopold Levytskyi, Fedor Manayl, Lyubomyr Medvedya, Oleksiy Lytvynenko, Petr Sypniak, Viktor Kovtun, Mykola Shymchuk, Lesya Maidanets and other great masters.

Gallery “AVS-art” on Hlybochytskaya. Photo from the institution’s page

Each work radiates the vitality that we all need so much now, during the war: green spring fields and hills, blooming spaces, birds in the clear sky and homes where people calmly manage. At a time when our peaceful fields are turning into Martian ones, when armed expansion is irreversibly changing the landscapes, and we, unfortunately, are losing the face of our beautiful terrains“, the curators of the exposition say.

The exposition presents the works of several generations of Ukrainian artists. Photo: “ABS-art” gallery

According to them, the power of art can be a wonderful medicine, healing the spirit:

“Visions created by artists can last in time and space, without changing their appearance, preserving a kind of memory codes. And landscapes transferred from imagination or reality and fixed by the hand of a master are not subject to destruction”— note in the art gallery “AVS-art”.

You can see the Myrnopillia exhibition until March 24. Photo: “ABS-art” gallery

A few years ago, the art center started the art project “On the Spring Fields”, which later became traditional. In the spring, when nature awakens, the thematic group exhibition was in harmony with the blooming environment, but due to the realities of our present, the concept of the exhibition was rethought, because the war mercilessly destroys everything living around.

Picturesque landscapes, which embody the soul and flesh of our native land, seem to be protected by a rectangular frame. It is as if they themselves are a separate protective world, where our native fields always remain beautiful, adding confidence that this is how a peaceful life should be“, the curators of the exhibition note.

The name of the exposition is also symbolic. If you examine the map of Ukraine, you will see the village of Myrnopillya in Odesa, the name of which is consonant with the current exhibition. And the village of Myropillya is in Sumy Oblast, Cherkasy Oblast and Kharkiv Oblast. In Donetsk region, we find a protected tract of Myrne Pole…

Our land is beautiful, and this is reflected even in toponyms.

The vital credo of this exhibition is the work of Transcarpathian painter Zoltan Mychka entitled “Peace to your home.”

And we affirm: peace to our home. Peace to those who come with peace…

“Myrnopillia” exhibition

When: until March 24, every day from 12:00 to 18:00, except Sunday and Monday;

Where: Hlybochytska Street, 32-B, 3rd floor.

Free entrance.


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