“Because it is so”, “Yes, but…”. On weekends we read Taras Prokhask


“The best harbor after the reefs and islands of the Carpathians. The most reliable port and fort on the banks of the Pokuttya…” This is exactly how the writer Taras Prokhasko describes Frankivsk in one of his essays. On the weekend, we suggest you read two books by this author – “Because it is so” and “Yes, but…”.

Both books are essays. They were published in the Meridian Czernowitz publishing house.

In them, Taras Prokhasko reflects on existence – here there will be a place for both lofty materials and ordinary ones, for example, curtains, stones, swings…

In the preface, we are told that the book is built on the model of an hourglass. Reflections for ten years of learning about life are placed here.

Parts – “FM “Halychyna”, “You can make several stories from this”, “How I stopped being a writer”, “Only for export”, “Port of Frankivsk”, “1000 places and words”.

The writer was awarded the Shevchenko Prize in 2020 for the book “Yes, but”. The book contained more than three dozen essays.

“Since every space is a space also because it has a connection with another space, has an entrance, an exit, a hole, a channel through which spaces flow and their stringing into the micro and macro spaces of a single universe, how and with what these transitions are covered , is of fundamental importance. Including curtains“, – writes the author in one of the essays.

Paintings by Olena Pryduvalova were used in the design of the books. Both books can be found in Frankish bookstores. The price is 407 and 231 hryvnias.

Taras Prokhasko is a Ukrainian writer, a representative of the “Stanislav phenomenon”. Born in 1968 in Ivano-Frankivsk.

In 1997, he became a laureate of the award of the Smoloskip publishing house. Laureate of the Joseph Conrad Literary Prize, Yuriy Shevelev Prize.

Author of the books “Anna’s Other Days”, “Difficulties”, “Lexicon of Secret Knowledge”, “One and the Same”, “Signs of Maturity” and others.

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