China has announced a space five-year plan: the plans include landing a man on the moon and delivering soil from Mars


China plans to explore other planets of the solar system.

China’s National Space Administration has unveiled a five-year plan for space exploration, which includes landing a man on the moon, delivering samples of the surface of Mars and developing the latest apparatus for flights into deep space.

About this informs The Verge.

The document contains a list of China’s main space goals, including building its own orbital station, updating satellite technologies, improving space transport and rocket systems, creating new rocket engines, etc.

China plans to land a man on the moon within the next five years. Initially, the natural satellite of our planet will be studied with the help of probes.

Automated spacecraft will study the lunar polar regions, which are believed to contain ice in the deep shadow of craters. China also plans to build an international research station on the moon together with international partners.

China plans to explore other planets of the solar system. The space agency hopes to launch probes to near-Earth asteroids, explore the possibility of sending spacecraft to Jupiter and deliver surface samples from Mars.

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