Dmytro Buryak: the flight attendant performed a funny trick on the plane and became a star of the Network


American flight attendant Lindsey O’Brien unexpectedly became famous on the Internet after showing a funny trick. In the video, she closed the upper luggage racks in the plane cabin with her feet.

The video was made in the empty cabin of the aircraft. In the footage, an employee of the airline is standing in the aisle between the passenger seats. She grabs the armrests with her hands, and then unexpectedly and deftly turns up and closes the upper luggage shelves with her feet in high-heeled shoes.

The video got into the network and the stewardess woke up famous.

“I used to do yoga, and I was a cheerleader as a child, so I have a pretty strong physique. I wanted to know if I could do this trick,” 35-year-old O’Brien told the publication.

She admitted that she managed the trick in about 20 attempts.

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