Dmytro Buryak: TOMMY HILFIGER participates in the METAVERSE fashion week with a multi-platform center


Tommy Hilfiger is making waves in fashion with the opening of a multi-metauniverse hub at Decentraland Metaverse Fashion Week 2023. The new venture brings together major platforms such as Decentraland, Roblox, Spatial, DressX and Ready Player Me, creating a connection between fashion and the Metaverse. .

Digital Fashion Extravaganza powered by DressX

Created by the company Emperia the state-of-the-art center boasts a stunning array of features: DressX digital fashion, an exclusive collaboration with Web3 artist Vinny Hagar, including augmented reality elements, a photo booth, games, and an AI fashion contest.

DressX is it digital fashion platform , which allows users to buy, sell and style virtual clothes and accessories for their digital avatars or online personas. With an emphasis on sustainability and creativity, DressX offers an alternative to traditional fashion consumption.

The Hilfiger Center creates a digital brand story centered around the eye-catching “TH” monolith. The goal is to bridge the gap between Tommy Hilfiger’s website and the various metaverses by offering a unified shopping experience, showcasing the brand’s identity while bringing new fashionistas into the digital space.

Credit DressX

Emperia: Breaking the boundaries of Web3

As an innovator in the field, Emperia’s cross-meta universe aims to push the boundaries of Web3. They have developed an interoperability layer that combines the Metaverse, e-commerce and entertainment. The company also tracks user behavior in the hub, providing invaluable information about interactions in the metaverse.

Exclusive items take center stage

The Tommy Hilfiger Digital Center features four exclusive items, headlined by the iconic varsity jacket. Presented in a variety of styles across all platforms, these items are available as physical products on Tommy’s e-commerce site or as digital items through DressX.

While the physical Varsity Jacket can be purchased at the Emperia Center, Ready Player Me offers a digital version for various games and settings.

Changes in the field of cooperation

Emperia co-founder and CEO Olga Dogadkina emphasizes the company’s role in transforming virtual retail and expanding boundaries. She emphasizes that their partnership with Tommy Hilfiger and the PVH group is indicative of a change in collaboration in the industry.

“Emperia continues to change the face of virtual retail, pushing the boundaries and supporting retailers on their journey to e-commerce,” Dogadkina said in a press release. “Our work with Tommy Hilfiger and the PVH Group signals an industry move to collaborate with the idea of ​​leveraging each technology provider’s own unique traits and capabilities.”

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