Peculiarities of passage and appeal of the decision of the Ministry of Health during martial law, – Ministry of Health


The Ministry of Health reminds that during the period of martial law on the territory of Ukraine, the procedure for conducting a medical and social examination is simplified.

The Medical and Social Expert Commission (MSEK) performs its functions according to the principle of extraterritoriality. Namely: the examination is carried out on the referral of the medical and advisory commission, regardless of the place of registration, residence or stay of citizens who apply for the establishment of a disability group.

If a person wants to establish disability, but cannot come to the examination, the MSEK can make such a decision in absentia on the basis of the referral of the medical and advisory commission of the health care institution.

If there are circumstances under which you or your child cannot undergo an examination and make a referral to the MSEK, the period of re-examination is considered extended for the entire duration of martial law and for 6 months after its termination/cancellation.

All payments and relevant benefits are retained by the person until the re-examination period expires.

Appealing the decision of the MSEK

It should be noted that if the medical and social expert commission refuses to recognize a person with a disability or a person in respect of whom the fact of loss of professional capacity has been established, such a decision of the MSEK can be appealed within one month.

It is necessary to contact the commission itself, the central commission or the regional commission, after which the applicant will be re-examined and a new decision will be made.

In case of repeated refusal, such a decision can be appealed to Central MSEK of the Ministry of Health of Ukraine.

In particularly difficult cases, the Central Medical and Social Expert Commission of the Ministry of Health, regional and central city commissions and the Ministry of Health can refer persons applying for the establishment of disability to the clinic of the Ukrainian State Research Institute of Medical and Social Problems of Disability for a medical and social expert examination ( Dnipro) and the Research Institute of Rehabilitation of the Disabled (Vinnytsia).

After the examination, the mentioned research institutions draw up advisory conclusions, which are of a recommendatory nature for the commission.

In addition, decisions of commissions at all levels can be appealed in court in accordance with the procedure established by law.

The Ministry of Health reminds you that if your rights are violated during the medical and social expert commission, call the hotline of the Ministry of Health: 0 800 60 20 19.

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