During the occupation, she was left alone in the hospital to save people: a doctor from Buchi received a high award


She was awarded the Order of Princess Olga III degree.

During the occupation of Buchi Lyudmila Skakalova, senior paramedic of the emergency medical center remained the only doctor in the city hospital, which is located on Energetikiv Street.

For that courageous work, the woman received an award from the President of Ukraine, Volodymyr Zelenskyi. She was awarded the Order of Princess Olga III degree.

About this reported in Buchan city council.

In March 2022, Ms. Lyudmila worked at the Buchansk emergency medical station. After the evacuation of medical personnel through the “green corridor”, she is the only one left to help people.

The woman organized a humanitarian pharmacy on the premises of the hospital. There, she gave out available medicines to Buchan residents for free, and also took in seriously injured people.

Despite the lack of medicine and medical equipment, the paramedic saved the lives of at least three Buchan residents.


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