During the searches in the case of the ex-chairman of the Supreme Court, another 500 thousand dollars in cash were found, — NABU


Searches in the case of bribery among top officials of the Supreme Court continue.

As reported NABU press service, the flow of confiscated funds in the case of bribery of the head of the Supreme Court continues.

“NABU and SAP during the search seized a large amount of cash of almost half a million US dollars, hidden by the participants in the crime in the case suspected by the Chairman of the Supreme Court. Currently, NABU and SAP are investigating the source of origin and ownership of these funds,” the message reads.

NABU does not say who exactly they found hundreds of thousands of dollars from. This search was conducted on May 22 as part of a pre-trial investigation into the receipt of $2.7 million. chairman of the Supreme Court and a lawyer. By the way, in addition to Knyazev, lawyer Oleg Horetsky also received suspicion.

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