Fans of Britney Spears called the police to her house


American singer Britney Spears responded to the police outside her home

American singer Britney Spears has once again deactivated her page on the Instagram social network. She scared some of her fans with what was no joke. The most active fans called the police to Britney Spears’ estate in California.

In his Twitter the singer reacted to the fans’ prank.


Since Britney Spears’ mental state has long been a source of concern for her devoted fans, they called not only 911, but local authorities as well. When law enforcement arrived at the singer’s home, they found no signs that Britney Spears was in danger.

Such excessive care angered the singer. She reacted in another social network, in which she does not publish so often.

“I love my fans very much, but this time it went too far and my privacy was invaded”Britney said.

Spears noted that the police officers, when they came to her gate, realized that there was no problem and immediately left. According to her, law enforcement agencies have never entered her estate.

Britney Spears added that she was upset when the incident made headlines in local tabloids. The singer called it bullying. Because, in her opinion, the press is again making her a victim, as it was in the zero years.

“At this point in my life, I sincerely hope that the public and my fans, who I care about so much, can respect my privacy in the future.”Britney concluded.

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