How can the price of gas and electricity change in Ukraine


According to Oleg Popen, the head of the Union of Consumers of Communal Services, the head of the Housing, Public Works, Improvement, Ecology and Environmental Protection Committee of the Public Council under the KMDA, the price of gas in Ukraine will increase by 10-20%, depending on the price at which blue fuel will be purchased by Ukraine on stock exchange At the same time, price increases may occur in April-May.

As for electricity, its cost will also go up this year — it will rise in price by about 20-30%. The expert attributes the change in price to the increase in the cost of the main components for the production of electricity — coal, gas and other components at least three times.

“Without direct contracts, we will be forced to raise prices. Ukrenergo, by the way, has already raised its tariffs by 22% in 2021,” says Oleg Popenko.

In addition, according to the expert, the Ukrainian authorities do not yet understand how to get out of the current situation. And therefore, most likely, it will continue the policy of the International Monetary Fund, transferring all financial costs to ordinary citizens.

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