Illegal removal of seizure from funds: judges of Pechersk Court of Kyiv informed about the suspicion


Judges of the Pechersk District Court of Kyiv, Tetyana Ilyeva, reported suspicion of illegal seizure of 110.7 thousand euros and 9.3 thousand dollars, which were seized as part of criminal proceedings. It is reported UNN with reference to SAP.

As it became known UNN from our own sources, we are talking about Tetyana Ilyeva, the judge of the Pechersk District Court.


“On March 30, 2023, on the instructions of the head of the SAP, the prosecutor, with the participation of NABU detectives, reported suspicions of abuse of power and the introduction by an official of a judge of one of the district courts of Kyiv of knowingly false information into an official document. The judge’s actions are classified according to the characteristics of the crimes provided for in Part 2 of Art. 364, Part 1 of Art. 366 of the Criminal Code of Ukraine,” the message reads.


It is reported that as part of the pre-trial investigation, it was established that in November 2020, the judge made a decision to lift the seizure of 110.7 thousand euros and 9.3 thousand dollars. USA, who were arrested as part of the criminal proceedings, justifying their decision by the alleged ownership of these funds to another citizen, and not to the accused in the case.

“However, it turned out that the judge did not have any legal grounds for making this decision, as the petition she was considering did not contain factual data that would confirm the ownership of the seized funds to another person,” the message states.

In addition, the judge considered this motion in the absence of the applicant, his representative, the prosecutor, as well as the corresponding motions submitted by them regarding the trial without their participation. In order to give her decision a legal appearance, the judge in the issued decision indicated knowingly false information about the alleged submission by the applicant’s representative to the court of an application for consideration of the petition without his participation.

“Among other things, it was established that the judge did not have the legal right to consider this issue, since the proceedings were submitted for consideration on the merits, and such motions are considered only during the pre-trial investigation. Such actions of the judge caused damage to the owner of the above-mentioned funds in the amount of almost 4 million hryvnias,” informs SAP.

Currently, the SAP has prepared a petition to the High Council of Justice for the temporary suspension of the judge from the administration of justice, as well as to the VAKS – to apply a preventive measure to her in the form of bail.

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