Terror will not work – the President’s Office reacted to the night attacks of the Russian Federation


Andriy Yermak wrote after the night attack by Russian-Iranian drones that geopolitical blackmail from the Russian Federation is useless.

On the night of March 28, the Russian Federation attacked Ukraine with 15 Iranian-made kamikaze drones.

According to the Air Force of the Ukrainian Armed Forces, out of 15 launched into Ukrainian skies, 14 were shot down by the Ukrainian military.

Andriy Yermak, head of the OPwrote in the Telegram channel:

“The Air Force managed to destroy most of the enemy UAVs, with which the Russians continue to terrorize us. The logic of the Russians’ actions is terror aimed at civilian infrastructure.”

Yermak assured that any pressure will not work, as well as geopolitical blackmail.

“We must persevere, return all our territories and punish the enemy. This is our historic mission,” the head of the OP is convinced.

By the way, the enemy released 12 drones on Kyiv, they were destroyed by air defense.

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