In Chernihiv Oblast, the police arrested a drug dealer practically at his “workplace”


In Horodna, on Fikselya Street, the crew of the tactical-operational response company of the patrol police drew attention to a man who was walking along the bank of the Stryzhen River. At first glance, it seemed that he was looking for something or, on the contrary, was trying to hide it. The police decided to talk to the citizen.

A 20-year-old resident of the city of Horodnya turned out to be unknown. The man was very nervous and could not explain what he was doing on the river bank.

During a cursory inspection, the inspectors found several dozen small bundles of an unknown crystalline substance wrapped in insulating tape in the citizen’s possession. The man did not deny that the substance could be narcotic. An investigative team was immediately called to the scene.

During the primary investigative actions, the police seized 47 stickers with an unknown substance. The citizen also reported that he had already made about 30 such “bookmarks”.

The man was detained. The inspection is ongoing, all the circumstances are being clarified.

According to the materials of the police of the Chernihiv region

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