Kyiv has increased funding for the capital’s defense capability to one billion for this year, Klitschko


The city continues to provide assistance to military units performing combat tasks at the front.

Mayor of Kyiv Vitaliy Klitschko reminded on the air of the TV channel “Kyiv” that in February the Kyiv City Council significantly increased the funding of the Defense and Security Forces of Kyiv for 2023.

These are funds for providing defenders with the necessary means to perform combat tasks, as well as for the repair and maintenance of military equipment, restoration of premises that were damaged as a result of Russian shelling.

“We adjusted the city target program “Defender of Kyiv”. However, an additional 970 million hryvnias have been earmarked for it this year. In general, the volume of financing is more than one billion hryvnias. Last year, one billion hryvnias were also allocated to help defenders,” Vitaliy Klitschko emphasized.

The city continues to provide assistance to military units at the front. In particular, the 242nd battalion of the Territorial Defense Forces of the Armed Forces, which was created in the capital on February 25, 2022.

Vitaliy Klitschko on the air of TRC “Kyiv”.

It was these Kyivans who defended the capital from Russian barbarians, destroyed the enemy in Irpen, saved civilians from Gostomel and Pushcha-Vodytsia. They also shot down air targets on the approaches to the capital. And then they performed combat tasks in the area of ​​the indomitable Bakhmut, liberating Kharkiv Oblast from the Russian invaders.

The mayor noted that several times he visited the training ground of one of the military units in the Kyiv region, which the city regularly provides assistance to.

The scale of the capital’s assistance to the military is impressive.

During the period of the large-scale war, the city purchased and handed over two thousand helmets, one thousand plate carriers, 100 thermal imaging sights, 150 belt and belt systems, 100 radio stations, Starlink systems to this unit.

“The capital also allocated funds for the purchase of 2,000 helmets, 10 Mavic night copters and 600 batteries for them and 150 units of night vision devices for the fighters. They also handed over to the military the help that Kyiv had received from foreign partners: generators, sleeping mats, sleeping bags, thermal imaging devices, and first-aid kits. In particular, I recently delivered blood-stopping tourniquets and the Starlink communication system to the fighters of the 93rd separate mechanized brigade defending Bakhmut,” Vitaliy Klitschko shared the details.

By the way, the mayor handed over 12 drones equipped with thermal imagers and batteries for them to the soldiers of the 72nd separate mechanized brigade that protect Vugledar.

“Thank you to everyone for their courage”: Klitschko awarded the Teroboronov soldiers from the 242nd battalion. In the Column Hall of the KMDA. Awards of the Mayor of Kyiv – medals “Honor. Glory. State” was awarded to 27 servicemen. Fighters of the 242nd battalion of the Military Defense Forces are currently on rotation in the city, after which they will return to the front.


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