Ivo Bobul will give a big solo concert in Kyiv


“With love for Ukraine and faith in Victory! »

On May 7, Ivo Bobul will perform a big solo concert at the National Palace of Arts “Ukraine”. The event starts at 17:00, the organizers said Clever Production.

The concert program will have the symbolic title “One and the same Ukraine!”. For fans, Ivo Bobul prepares everyone’s favorite and well-known hits, new compositions written already during the great war in Ukraine. There will also be surprises.


Ivo Bobul is a People’s Artist not only by title, but also by the recognition of the people. Many songs from his repertoire are deservedly recognized as golden pop hits, because it is difficult to find a person in Ukraine who has not heard them! Among them are “Conversation with you”, “The well of the soul”, “Moon wheel”, “Coast of love”, “If you love – love”, “I will return to Ukraine”, “Autumn garden”, “Fiddler”, “One and only” and many others.

“The artist, the unique timbre of the voice, which cannot be confused with any other, invites Her Majesty into the world of Songs! So we are waiting for everyone on May 7 at the Palace of Ukraine at the Ivo Bobula concert, which you can share with your relatives and sing your favorite songs together.”the organizers invite to the concert Clever Production.

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