Kyiv Art Gallery invites you to the Open Day


Today, visitors can see three exhibitions and go on an author’s tour for free.

Yesterday, on the International Day of Museums, the institution had a day off. However, in honor of this holiday, visitors can enter for free on May 19.

What exhibition projects can be seen

Yuriy Solomko “Scale of Time”

The project combines works from different periods of the artist’s life. The cold majesty of the cosmos, everyday life, a reference to the 20th century, the tragic military present, the world of art and the “homeless” beginning of everything new – such a variety of themes and meanings will await you in the exhibition halls. Yuriy Solomko uses visual symbols to create his works: maps of the world and the starry sky, images of people or animals, household items.

Andrii Bludov “Introspective”

For the artist, this exhibition is not just an inventory of what has already been done, but a delving into the meaning of what was created, so every visitor will have the opportunity to see the result of the artist’s reflection on the path traveled in the world of art.

Larisa Pisha “Neither beginning nor end”

The flow of associations in today’s tragic time determined the theme and image of the project: the phantasmagoria of the roots is intertwined with naturalism, which becomes a symbol – this is how the ancient disorder, tamed by the talent of the artist, becomes a clear logical structure and is reproduced by the stylistics of modern art.

Also at 16:00 you are invited to an author’s tour of the exhibition “Neither beginning nor end” by Larisa Pishoya.

Working hours: from 11:00 to 18:00
Address of the museum: str. Tereshchenkovska, 9

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