The cosmos can sleep peacefully: users of social networks reacted funny to the statement of the Russian Federation


The foreign ministers of Russia and Uganda signed a statement not to be the first to deploy weapons in space. About this reported Russian mass media

As the Russian ministry emphasized, 33 states have already joined the initiative, seven of them are African.

“The task of preventing the placement of weapons in space has long been relevant. Together with the People’s Republic of China, we are advocating for the agreement on the prevention of an arms race in outer space. And our initiative to reach an agreement within the framework of the UN is in the same direction,” Lavrov said.

It was also said that the Russian Federation is ready to cooperate with Uganda in the creation of satellites and the development of the relevant infrastructure.

Social media users reacted violently to the news.

“You can immediately see who has the table book “How to manage the universe without attracting the attention of the paramedics”, – Mykola Zhukotskyi. “Aliens can sleep peacefully. The Russian measure will not pass,” wrote Stanislav Feb.

“Well, now Perseus’s sleeve will be completely calm,” commented Nikolay Kovtun.

Contributors wonder why this agreement did not happen earlier, some are happy for Uganda.

“And how did the world exist until now without this agreement,” Nataliya Markova reacted.

“Mda …… What kind of borscht is there, when things are like this in the kitchen!” – wrote Tetyana Lysakova.

“I am sincerely happy for Uganda”, Serhii Utkin.

David Gendelman even shared an interesting story and photo about a would-be Ugandan inventor who is sure to break this contract.

By the way, it was previously reported that Zimbabwe will cooperate with Russia in the creation and launch of small spacecraft.

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