“Kyivteploenergo”: the repair campaign continues at all heat sources in the capital


Currently, heat generators replace fittings on the main network, which feeds half a thousand consumers.

Immediately after the end of the heating season, KP “Kyivteploenergo” began repairing equipment and preparing for the next winter. At one of the capital’s largest heat sources, the replacement of shut-off fittings on large-diameter heating networks is in progress.

Restoration of the main pipe of large diameter.

Repairmen installed valves on the pipeline with a diameter of 600 mm. It supplies heat for 529 buildings in Kyiv: 214 residential buildings, 278 departments, 46 educational institutions and 4 hospitals.

Shut-off fittings are elements of pipelines used to shut off the flow of heat carrier in case of emergency situations or during disconnection of the heat network for repair work.

This is what an important element of a heating network from a global manufacturer looks like.

Latches should always work correctly. Instead of the old ones that have exhausted their resource, the power engineers installed modern valves from the world’s leading manufacturer. They are more reliable in operation and allow faster performance of operational tasks for disconnecting the coolant supply.

The new shut-off valve in the event of damage to the heating network will help emergency teams to start repairing the damage faster. This will allow to shorten the periods of lack of services for customers.

Welding work on the heating network.

Currently, the repair campaign is ongoing at all heat sources in Kyiv. They carry out diagnostics, repair and adjustment of water heating boilers and auxiliary equipment. Energy engineers check the condition of engineering networks, smoke pipes, pumping and other equipment that works during the heating season to generate and transport heat.

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