“Lady Macbeth” from the Kyiv region poisoned people with thallium


She poisoned people by sending parcels with rum. The police detained the perpetrator.

The police of the Kyiv region detained a dangerous citizen and placed her in a detention center.

According to the information of the police of the Kyiv region, the investigators of the Vyshgorod police department informed the villains of the suspicion under the article of the Criminal Code about intentional murder.

The undercover woman faces up to 15 years in prison. The court chose a preventive measure for her in the form of detention. She is also being checked for involvement in similar crimes.

He told the story about “Lady Macbeth” from the Kyiv region Andrii Nebytov, head of the Kyiv region police.

The case developed like this. A doctor called the police and reported that a 38-year-old man with clear signs of thallium poisoning had been taken to the Ivankiv district medical facility.

“The operatives of the criminal investigation began to investigate the situation with the man in more detail. He reported that on February 14, on Valentine’s Day, he received a message in the messenger from an unknown number that his phone number participated in the drawing and he won the corresponding prize. After a few days, he did receive a bottle of rum, which he gradually began to consume, and three chocolates. After some time, he got sick and went to the hospital,” says Andriy Nebitov.

Similar cases of poisoning were also recorded in the Fastov hospital. This type of metal was also confirmed in the body of 4 women.

“On February 2, I had Angel Day and I decided to invite my friends to celebrate. We drank a bottle of rum that I had won in a raffle the day before. After a few days we all felt sick. My chest began to burn and my body went numb. My friend and I went to Kyiv, and we were put in intensive care. The hair started to fall out in clumps,” victim Inna told the police.

The law enforcement officers established that the courier delivery of the poisonous bottles of rum was carried out by a woman. At that time, tragic information was reported to the police – the man died of poisoning.

“The patient’s condition deteriorated very quickly and we could not help him, and after we received the result of a laboratory test on the waist, we saw a very high concentration and the patient was simply doomed,” comments the doctor.

Police are working with the suspect. Photo: Kyiv Region Police

Operatives of the police of the Kyiv region found out complete information about the woman who probably poisoned people. 20 years ago, she lived in the Ivankiv district and had a relationship with her deceased husband, but family life did not work out.

As the investigation established, the husband of one of the four poisoned victims also once had a relationship with this woman. In August last year, she already tried to poison him in this way, but probably the concentration of the thallium dose was low. And in January of this year, his wife received a dangerous package.

During the authorized search of the apartment of the 35-year-old criminal, two more bottles of alcohol, telephones, starter packs, bottles with unknown liquids, things in which she bought “gifts” and other things were discovered and seized.

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