The capital museum displays extravagant images of Lesya Ukrainka’s mythical creatures


The original concept art exhibition embodies the fantastic characters of the famous drama-extravaganza “Forest Song”

Recently, a new art project by the contemporary artist Oleksandr Teterin called EXTRAVAGANZA.

The exhibition immerses the audience in the universe of mythical creatures – the characters of “Forest Song”. The paintings are drawn as concept art for the famous literary work of Lesya Ukrainka, presenting familiar characters through unique symbolism, where none of the elements are repeated.

Portrait of Lesia Ukrainka in the style of concept art. Photo: Museum of outstanding figures of Ukrainian culture

The central element of the exposition is a portrait of Lesya Ukrainka herself.

“The outstanding poetess is a cult figure in Ukrainian culture. Progressive, talented, multifaceted and sophisticated, she combined European sophistication and Ukrainian depth. And, by the way, she started the genre of “fantasy” in literature,” the curators of the project from the Museum say.

The “EXTRAVAGANZA” project once again confirms that her figure and world continue to inspire the creativity of various artists who reinterpret her creative heritage, creating new bright images in modern art.

In addition to paintings, the exhibition is decorated with author’s installations – skulls symbolizing the male (Forest) and female (Song) essence.

The fantastic heroes of “Forest Song” are embodied in an extravagant form. Photo: Tatyana Asadcheva

At the opening of the exhibition, Oleksandr Teterin admitted that he was inspired by the magical world of Art nouveau and architectural elements of Art Nouveau or Art Nouveau with characteristic grotesque mascarones, plant elements and ornaments, and sculptures of mythical creatures and creatures.

Visitors to the exhibition and admirers of Oleksandr Teterin’s talent will be able to purchase souvenir author’s goods with the symbols of the art project as a souvenir. Also, a gift from the artist is a collection of stickers for TELEGRAM.

Various artistic events and activities will also take place within the framework of the exhibition

certificate. Oleksandr Teterin was born in 1983 in Pavlograd.

He is a theater, film and television artist by profession. In 2005, he graduated from the Kharkiv Art School, and later in 2011 from the National Academy of Fine Arts and Architecture.

The experience of working in the cinema and theater gives the author the opportunity to look at mythological stories in a different way.

The art project will last until May 21. Photo: Tatyana Asadcheva

The artist’s work was influenced by the era of European modernism. Alexander’s bright and decorative canvases are saturated with deep meaning and symbolism.

The artist pays great attention to details, because each of them reveals an entire universe to the viewer. Boldly masters various techniques (oil painting, gouache, pastel).

Personal exhibitions: “Tête-à-tête”, 2018; “Horses in apples”, 2013 “Details”, 2013; “Gifts”, 2010.

Concept art exhibition “EXTRAVAGANZA”

When: until May 21, from 10:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. (admission until 5:00 p.m.)

Where: 97 Panas Saksaganskyi St

Ticket price: UAH 60/30


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