Lesya Nikityuk has a secret suitor


Ukrainian presenter Lesya Nikityuk shared a gift from a secret admirer on Instagram. The televangelist received a gorgeous bouquet of red roses, which were shown to the bridegroom.

The photo of the bouquet in the car was signed by Nikitiuk succinctly: “Good morning! Who?”.

Lesya Nikityuk showed a bouquet from a fan. / Source: instagram lesia_nikituk

Later, Lesya showed a photo from the back, holding a bouquet. Nikityuk suggested that blogger Bohdan Bushe or presenter Slava Dyomin could have given the bouquet, and she also noted that it was clearly not Oleg Mashukovsky, who is openly gay. It should be noted that the above-mentioned stars recently commented on the alleged romance with Nikityuk to journalists.

Source: instagram lesia_nikituk

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