Light projections by the Swiss artist Gerry Hofstetter appeared on the Ohmatdyt building


Doctors and patients of a leading children’s hospital are delighted with the light show.

As part of the art tour “Commemoration. Light for hope” world famous artist

Gerry Hofstetter will illuminate the buildings and monuments of Ukraine to honor the memory of the victims of Russian aggression.

One of these light shows was seen on the walls of the Okhmatdit clinic on Thursday, February 23, in the evening.

Ochmatdite can be seen from afar in the light pictures.

The large surgical building became visible in the night sky of the capital from afar. Photos with bright patterns of light were shared on social networks by those who watched them from their apartments in high-rise buildings.

Okhmatdit was visible from afar in the bright light.

Light projections by Swiss artist Gerry Hofstetter mean that a leading children’s hospital has joined the solidarity action. A year ago, they were thinking about how to reliably protect small patients during the defense of the capital. The children were in basement shelters, they were evacuated.

Volodymyr Zhovnir, General Director of the Okhmatdyt National Hospital against the background of the brightly lit surgical building of the hospital.

Today, the clinic performs extremely complex operations and restores the ability to live. And the walls of the hospital are in bright colors, colossus and children’s drawings.

Such a solidarity action aims to support Ukrainians and give hope and light. Exactly what the aggressor is trying to deprive our nation of. And also – hope and light are very necessary for the little patients of the Okhmatdyt clinic to overcome the diseases they are treated at the institution.

The blue sky and golden ear of corn are the colors of the national flag of Ukraine on the walls of Okhmatdyt.

The artist has already illuminated the buildings of Kyiv and Lviv. Yesterday, the people of Kyiv admired the National Opera House in light projections. And later they also appeared on Okhmatdyt.

Patients and doctors were delighted to take pictures and share their impressions of the bright performance, which did not need words.

The walls of the Ohmatid surgical complex in children’s drawings.

Patients and medical workers came out to see the incredible projection on the hospital building. Everyone admired the beauty and was filled with positive emotions and faith in the best.

Light always defeats darkness.

Gerry Hofstetter travels with a team of 4 and his own generator. From sunset to curfew, they will independently make projections in different cities of Ukraine. Each illumination will last 15 minutes.

Bright drawings and light on the walls of Okhmatdyt.

All those who wish will be able to see works of art, as well as our symbols of indomitability. The promotion will last from February 22 to 27. Through his works, Gerry proves that it is necessary to live and protect our planet.

A protective leopard on the walls of a children’s clinic.

Last year, the Swiss artist already came to Kyiv for Christmas to support Ukrainians. The light artist came to Ukraine at the invitation of the Ministry of Culture and Information Policy of Ukraine and the State Agency of Ukraine for Arts and Art Education, as well as at the initiative and support of the Swiss Embassy in Kyiv.

The doctors of the Okhmatdyt clinic took commemorative photos against the background of the light show.

During the art tour, he shows art projections on famous buildings dedicated to Ukrainian courage and indomitability.

All photos are from the Facebook page of NDSL “Okhmatdyt”


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