List of the best Ukrainian books of 2022


Ukrainian PEN Club published list of the best Ukrainian books of 2022.

The list includes not only books written in 2022, but also editions of past years and classics of Ukrainian literature.

“Due to the constant threat to their own lives and the lives of their relatives, Ukrainian readers read less, and publishers published less (as evidenced by our list, which this year has 44 positions less than last year),” the PEN club comments.

Ukrainian prose

  1. Anna of Horodetska. Inclusion (Tempora)
  2. Gruver Anna. Her empty places (Stary Lev Publishing House)
  3. Equal Theodosia. Silence of Cesium (Spirit and Letter)
  4. Maryna Manchenko. Bitter oranges (Tempora)
  5. Osoka Serhiy. Night swimming in August (Stary Lev Publishing House)
  6. Mortuary Valerian. City (Vihola)
  7. Stepan Protsyuk. Hands and tears. A novel about Ivan Franko (TunDrive)
  8. Serhiy Rafalsky. Sorokoust (Torch)
  9. Semyankiv Andriy. Dancing with bones (Vikhola)

Ukrainian poetry

  1. Natalia Belchenko. Murmuration (Kayala)
  2. Belozir Vitaly. Paper Boy (Kayala)
  3. Dniester Anatoly. Black Friday (Pyramid)
  4. Kalytko Kateryna. People with verbs (Meridian Czernowitz)
  5. Dmytro Lazutkin. Bookmark (Stary Lev Publishing House)
  6. Levitsky Vyacheslav. Long Play (Green Dog)
  7. Konstantin Moskalets. Silver field (A-BA-BA-HA-LA-MA-HA)
  8. Olena Pavlova. Bridge Skin (Torch)
  9. Shakirov Oleksandr. A collection of minimalist poems (Amazing Journey to the King of all Cosmos 009)


  1. Bura Darya, Podobna Yevgenia. February February 2022. Evidence of the first days of the invasion (Folio)
  2. Hajiyev Rustam. Linguistics on the world map. Misunderstanding, crime and intrigue in different languages ​​(Vikhola)
  3. Sparrow Leonid. Zoological tour of the supermarket (Vikhola)
  4. Olga Dubchak. Win in Ukrainian (Vikhola)
  5. Egger Edith. Gift: 14 lessons that will save your life / Translated by Khrystyna Radchenko (Knygolav)
  6. Kari Olga. The Cross, or A Very Bloody Book (Creative Women Publishing)
  7. Van der Kolk Bessel. The body heals: how to leave psychotraumas in the past / Translated by Anna Tsvira (Vivat)
  8. Bad Sergey. Nuclear madness. History of the Caribbean Crisis (CCR)
  9. Volodymyr Sarkisian. Death Explorers (Vikhola)
  10. Tohman Wojciech. You ate like a stone / Translation by Andriy Bondar (Boat)
  11. Julia Yurchuk. Sweden. Model for assembly: villa, Volvo, dog (Vikhola)
  12. Mykola Yabchenko, Julia Vus, Ivan Kypybida. A brief history of Ukrainian feminism (Publisher)

The full list is possible view here.

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